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Which online bank to choose when you are a student?

Written by Usdng

It is not that easy to choose an online bank when you are a student, it can be very tedious and painful. You have to research, take information from everywhere, compare… This is no pie! In addition, students do not necessarily have large budgets, the costs associated with the base are therefore very important. In this sense, many banks offer offers adapted to the student situation, Fortuneo is a good example. You will be able to discover in the rest of the article, the best banks if you are a student, but also a very interesting sponsorship offer!

Differentiate between the different offers of online banks

Online banking is attractive to students because it is considered simple, accessible, and economical. As a general rule, they do not require specific income conditions and offer optimal digital management. Here are the best online banks:

  • Monabanq: withdrawals and payments are free in the Eurozone. Managing the account and day-to-day operations is simple. In addition, this bank offers a checking account without income conditions, a free bank card and a welcome offer up to € 120 for opening an account.
  • Fortuneo: offers a free Mastercard for young people aged 18 to 26 and an € 80 welcome bonus, with no income obligation. In addition, here you have the possibility to have access to an exceptional Fortuneo sponsorship code.
  • Boursorama bank: a free classic visa card, a premium of € 80 for a new membership and no management fees, with no income conditions
  • N26: free payments and transfers outside the Eurozone, no management fees, a bank card offered according to the chosen formula, and guaranteed speed of opening an account

Why choose an online bank when you’re a student?

The advantages of choosing an online bank when you are in your studies are on the one hand to have access to an attractive welcome bonus. It can range from 40 to over 100 € depending on the bank. Fortuneo provides young people with a sponsorship code including a high welcome bonus. However, some banks require specific deposits, which should be taken into consideration.

On the other hand, the advantage of online banking is that you can get a free bank card when you are studying and without conditions most of the time. Bank charges are often well suited to students and minimized. Management fees are thus offered and banking services are carried out conveniently and easily, via the online site or the mobile application.

Online banking fees abroad are also very attractive when you are a student and have to travel. The withdrawal and payment fees are very often free, and even beyond the eurozone for some banks. So online banks offer a lot of benefits for students.

Finally, online banks are perfectly adapting to the new generations by offering them a 100% digital and connected experience. Thanks in particular to its applications, it is very easy to manage your account, your bank card, and all your bank details. In addition, it is also easily accessible for any student to contact an advisor when needed. Online banks are less expensive and adapt more to student budgets.

Thus, online banks have differences from traditional banks which are less convenient for students.

Discover an exclusive sponsorship code with Fortuneo bank

The online site Parrainage. co is a sponsorship site. On its interface, you can find exclusive sponsorship codes in different areas, such as online banking, energy suppliers, and many other sectors. It is therefore possible to share a code and thus find referrals with whom to use it or find a referrer offering a valid promotion. The Fortuneo sponsorship code is aimed as much at young people wanting to benefit from a promotion to register on online banking, but also for sponsors who can take advantage of benefits by sharing their code.

Online banks, banks adapted to students

So when you are a student, online banks make life easier for young students, by offering them lower costs, attractive welcome offers and full services accessible from their computer or laptop. This is a real asset for students who must focus on studies first and who have to travel while managing their accounts with ease.