6 Best Street Style Looks From Around The World ⋆ Article Good

6 Best Street Style Looks From Around The World ⋆ Article Good
Written by Usdng

So, you are a street Styler who wants to keep updated with the latest trends worldwide. This article has something for you, street style has become a phenomenon globally, and people often try to get inspiration from men and women who aren’t trying to be the next Instagram girl or guy.

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Get creative, take risks, and you’re good to go when it comes to prints and colours. To make it easy, here’s what is happening in different parts of the world for those with a broad taste in Street style fashion.

Are you looking for an outstanding street style? Then scroll down to know about the best according to your country.

New York City

New York street style is popular with many and is very popular and inspiring to people worldwide. One of New York street style’s most popular and common things is comfort. A simple, effortless look that can be used anywhere due to its practicality and versatility. It’s easy to move around and fantastic to go inside. The base is comfortable, light and airy, even if it has a simple and unique feel. Right off the catwalk, the New York street-style star always has a finger on the pulse.

Choosing trendy high-fashion pieces and styling them to make them your own is a big part. Some of the biggest trends these days are bold colours and standout boots. In addition, many New Yorkers Women never hesitate to wear heels when walking around. Heels add a touch of sophistication to the look and are a great way to rock the New York boss look with classic chic or casual outfits.

London, England

Some things are unique to London, such as culture, weather and geography. However, It shows that London fashion is similar to many major cities around the world. The big chain stores in America and Europe are numerous in the British capital, and the prevalent trends here are very international. One thing you should know about street style fashion in London is that it tends to be more formal than in places like California.

They used to wear good shorts and flip-flops on sunny summer days but tend to wear pants and skirts to match flats and sneakers. This is especially true when eating out at more excellent restaurants, events, or fancy bars. Of course, you could spend your time at home in shorts and flip-flops, but it’s much less common in London. The same applies to outerwear in London Trench coat or a wool winter coat or a coat from a British brand like Barbour is preferable.

San Francisco, US.

San Francisco is the city of style and fog…one thing is for sure the San Francisco crowd loves their urban look with a splash of colour and a hint of denim. You will see their younger generation’s colourful approach to 90s fashion and lifestyle, from the grunge layers (plaid shirts and ankle-length skirts) to the sporty vibes (varsity jackets, bomber jackets, cropped tops, sneakers, and more).

The reputation of American fashion traditions is also noticeable. Young men seem to prefer traditional American brands. It’s their way of saying “no” to fast fashion and poor-quality clothes; in a manner, they’ve inherited their grandfather’s style. You can see it here. But now in a newer, more modern form.


Russian street style is a mix of uptown and downtown. The thing is that the women on the street master the change between the two in an instant.

Whether their aesthetics are primitive and neat or edgy and contemporary, the aesthetics of Russian women have become the hallmarks of haute couture. It’s on the map. On the one hand, the Russian street style seeks to embody modernity at its best.

Shanghai, China

Tasty, mouth-watering Chinese food is generally our favourite, but street-style photos come second. Chinese society attaches great importance to appearance. Because fancy dress, food, and writing are how Chinese culture is differentiated.

They avoided certain fabrics, such as wool, because it was the material of choice for the “barbaric” nomads. Today, Chinese fashion moves between tradition and mass-produced modernity. China Street Scroll through their style photos, and it’s easy to see that China maintains a love of detail, with prints, unique cuts, and accessories running through various looks. So this year, keep your street style outstanding and maintained with all the best accessories and clothing mentioned here.

Paris, France

One of the first street style rules you needed to learn in Paris is to fix to neutral colours like black, brown, tan and white. The French tend to wear non-seasonal fashion that is not bound by trends, so it is an item that can be worn many times. Ankle boots are essential because Paris is a walking city, but ankle boots are a must for French style.

It’s the perfect blend of practicality and remarkable. One thing you will notice about all Parisian women is the oversized blazer. Look for loose-fitting, tailored styles to pair everything from t-shirts to pants. Moreover, the versatility of jumpsuits never occurred to me until you lived in Paris. You can style it with utilitarian boots or jazz it up with heels. However, French women tend to avoid high heels. Instead, wear comfortable shoes that can be worn day or night, such as loafers or low heels.

Wrap Up

If there’s one style of clothing that never goes out of fashion, its street style. You can keep it trendy and colourful and wear it however you like. It’s all about making the simplest pieces of clothing look their best when paired correctly with the right attitude anywhere in the world. You can look at all the six tips given here to improve your street style according to a specific country.