A Guide to the Types of Business Signboards for Promoting Brands

A Guide to the Types of Business Signboards for Promoting Brands
Written by Usdng

Using different types of signboards for business promotion is a common thing. Such business marketing strategies have existed for a long time, and these strategies are still relevant today. You can make a product or service immensely popular through the meticulous use of business signage.

If you want to deploy signboards for business marketing, you must know the types of signs available in the sign shop. A professional business signboard manufacturing company provides customised signage production solutions with perfection. In the following section, you can find the benefits of different business bike boards.

1. Acrylic Signs for Brand Promotion

Acrylic is a polymer material that looks and feels like glass. However, acrylic is not as heavy as glass. Moreover, the material is not delicate like glass. Dropping the material accidentally will not break the material into pieces.

Business banners using acrylic have been produced to develop eye-catching signboards. The benefits of using acrylic signboards are discussed in the following section.

  • 3D Effect: Using such signs will give you a 3D viewing effect. Due to the 3D effect, it draws the attention of people easily.
  • No-glare: Due to the glaring effect, glass signs are difficult to view when they are placed outside. Acrylic can neutralise the glaring effect of the sun.
  • Colours: For acrylic signboards, you can choose colours according to your requirements. They are available in different colour shades.
  • Water-Proof: The acrylic banners and signboards are water-proof. For such banners or signs, you do not need to worry about water damage.

2. Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are integral parts of healthcare centres and hotels. In restaurants and airports, you will also find such signage. Lobby signs help people find the right service per their requirements in a commercial space. For example, using such signs in banks will help customers find the service per their requirements.
People come to banks for loan applications, cash withdrawals, deposits, and other reasons. Guiding them in the right direction is the most important thing. Seamless guidance increases customer satisfaction.

3. Custom Signs

Using custom signs to promote a business is a common thing. You can use the signs to interact with your buyers. Since businesses need signs as per their requirements, custom signs are highly demanded. You can customise a custom sign’s size, material, and other things.

Using custom signs is important for promoting businesses or products. You can create a custom signboard to promote a business event. During festive seasons, businesses offer discounts on their products. Using custom signs is an effective way of promoting upcoming discounts for a festive occasion.

4. Point of Purchase Displays

The point of purchase sign is also essential to provide a good experience to the buyers in a retail store. You can use such signage to help buyers local the POS counter in a retail store. Moreover, such signage can help the buyers find exclusive discounts in the store.

Point of purchase display is even more crucial nowadays, as many businesses look forward to developing an AI-integrated POS counter. In such counters, buyers do not have to interact with a human executive. They can follow machine instructions to obtain a hassle-free checkout.

5. Lenticular Wall Displays

Using the wall displays will help a business to experience quick progress. Visit a professional sign shop to discover different types of wall displays for your business. Through wall displays, a business can promote particular products.

For example, a wall display in a bank can be used to promote a special savings scheme or insurance to the customers. The entertainment industry also uses wall displays to promote its products. You can find movie posters and upcoming music concerts using wall display advertisements for marketing.

6. Mobile Signboards

Another popular type of signboard is the mobile signboard, which helps promote brand identity and products by visiting different places. Since the signboard travels on a vehicle from one place to another, it fetches a higher business exposure.

Investing in bicycle billboards is an eco-friendly model of promoting a business. Such business promotional strategies fetch excellent brand recognition. On the other hand, mobile billboards can promote business events, workshops, seasonal discounts, special offers, and many more.

So, these are the commonest signboards you can find for promoting the businesses. Using these signboards will help draw more engagement from potential buyers.

An Introduction to the Mobile Trailers

One of the significant benefits of using mobile trailers for business marketing is extending a brand’s reach to many places. Since the vehicle moves to different places, people from different neighbourhoods come to know about your business.

Different kinds of mobile trailers and wall wraps are deployed for business marketing. Using a solar power trailer for advertising the vehicle is an eco-friendly thing. On the other hand,  static LED billboards can also be solar-powered to prevent high power consumption. Find the types of mobile trailers for business marketing in the following section.

Trailer Billboards

The most influential business marketing is using billboard trailers to promote a brand or newly launched product. You will find many options for mobile trailers. A business can hire a dedicated trailer to promote the brand and products. In such cases, you can decide the routes of the trailer.

Both small and large companies will benefit from billboards and variable message board trailers. In most cases, businesses use trailers to promote a newly launched product. However, such a marketing technique is also effective for advertising a business event.

Vehicle Wrap

Many small and mid-sized commercial vehicles offer vehicle wrap for advertising a brand. Many soft drink brands use such advertisements commonly. A food and beverage manufacturing company can use such an advertisement to obtain more buyers.

Vehicle wraps have some positive and negative sides. The positive sides include eye-catching advertisements, which can get potential buyers’ attention quickly. But, the negative thing is that such an advertisement cannot highlight a particular product well. A well-known brand can use such marketing techniques to promote the brand.

Vehicle wraps are affordable to small businesses. But, finding cars that offer vehicle wrap advertisement provision is difficult. You can learn about RunningBoards and find a moving trailer advertisement solution from this company.

Truckside Advertising

Many commercial trucks offer provisions for business advertising. You can put the business banner on the truck to make it visible to thousands of people. Commercial trucks travel long distances. Thus, they can give a better reach to your business.

If your business is not limited to a specific region, truckside advertising is the most suitable thing. Such an advertisement will help you reach potential buyers from different areas. As a result, a business can drive immense profitability through such promotions.

For truckside advertisement, you do not have to rent a dedicated vehicle. The truck offers a provision to install a solar powered billboard. The drawback is that you cannot control the routes of these trucks. If you target a specific region, you need to find a dedicated billboard advertising trailer.

Digital Billboards

Instead of traditional billboards, you can use digital billboards on mobile trailers. Digital billboards have many advantages over conventional billboards for your business. One of the most significant benefits of digital billboards is the attention-grabbing feature. Such screens look more soothing to the eyes, and thus they can quickly draw people’s attention.

Digital billboards can stay illuminated at night too. As a result, you can promote your business through them for 24 hours. Digital billboards can display videos and slides. Thus, you can use multiple slides to promote numerous products through them.

The only drawback with digital billboards is the cost. Since they need electricity, the battery charge consumption is high. However, a mobile solar power trailer can reduce your digital billboard costs. RunningBoards, a leading moving trailer and wall wrap advertisement service provider in Australia, offers innovative ideas and affordable solutions for moving trailer advertisements.