Extract Email Addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel in Bulk – 2022

Extract Email Addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel
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Are you interested in finding a method to extract email addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel? If that’s the case, keep reading this post to find out how to save the email addresses you find in Office 365 to a spreadsheet in Excel.

After conducting an extensive study on the topic, we have come up with two of the most effective techniques that can be used to extract email addresses from Outlook 365 into a CSV file format.

Owing to the fact that providing our people with the most effective and hassle-free solutions to their issues is our number one objective. Read this blog post in its entirety for the full procedure.

About Office 365

However, when compared to other global email providers, Office 365 stands out as a clear frontrunner. Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of integrated applications and communication tools. Its purpose is to unify your experience with Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There is no doubt that it is one of the top email providers out there. To get email addresses from an Office 365 account, however, is not a simple process.

User Query to Extract Email Addresses from Office 365

Here, we’ll try to answer some questions from people who, based on our previous experience, seem to be actively seeking guidance on how to proceed with these kinds of problems. If you have a question that sounds like this one, you should keep reading this post until you find the answer.

“Please advise on how I may extract email addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel. Since I need to share certain data with my audience. But I can’t seem to come up with a workaround. Can I easily get a list of all Office 365 addresses?”

“As a sales manager, I have lately been given a large volume of work to selectively email clients who have purchased our product within the past six months. I have been trying to find a way to extract email addresses from my 6-month email archive, but have been unsuccessful thus far. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how I could go about this process more quickly and easily.”

Reasons to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel

There are a number of valid reasons why users may want to extract email addresses. The most typical scenarios where users extract email addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel are as follows:

  • The necessity of switching to a new host.
  • Making a distribution list is a prerequisite for several programs.
  • The need to jump between various systems.
  • When you need to give information to another user.
  • Formal needs need to compile an Office 365 user’s email address list.

Exporting to Microsoft Excel is a dependable method of transfer. Using a spreadsheet, you may create a database of email addresses. You can use several parameters, such as the date of the context, to look for previous interactions and communications. A spreadsheet could be used as a secondary option.

Pro solution to extract email addresses from Office 365

With just a few clicks, you can retrieve email addresses from the inboxes of 90+ different cloud-based email providers with the RecoveryTools Mailbox Email Address Extractor Tool to extract email addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel. The software to extract email addresses from mailboxes is quite effective because it was developed using novel techniques. In addition, give users the opportunity to use a more refined filter to extract only certain email addresses from their mailbox.

In addition, the software has the capability to export data in bulk together with attachments from all folders of Office 365, such as Sent, Inbox, Trash, Bin, Draft, and other created labels. The software is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and all versions in between.

In addition, there is a free trial edition available for download, allowing potential customers to see the software in action before committing to a full purchase. Check out the linked website for more information on the advanced features and how they function.

Manual Method to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel

To successfully extract email addresses from Office 365 to an Excel sheet, you may either do so manually or with the help of professional tools.

Transferring information between different platforms often results in data loss or corruption. Data extraction to Excel can be a challenging process, especially if you choose a manual approach and run the risk of losing important information. Take the following steps instead of gambling with your future. If you’d rather, we can show you how to get just the email addresses, or how to extract email addresses from Outlook 365 to a CSV file.

Step 1: Configured Office 365 to Outlook

Note: To add another Microsoft 365 account to Outlook, or any other POP/IMAP account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Microsoft Outlook has an “Account Settings” option under the “File” menu.
  2. Choose the “New” tab that has just appeared on the screen.
  3. A new window will open; here, choose “Manual setup” and proceed to the next step.
  4. From the initial window, choose “POP or IMAP” and proceed to the following screen.
  5. To manually enter the server information, select “More Settings,” then “Next” after you’ve filled out the relevant areas.

Outlook’s IMAP account setup process is lengthy, so be patient. If you want to relaunch Outlook after it’s done, click the Outlook icon.

Step 2: Extract Email Addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel

  1. In Outlook, go to the File menu and then select Delete.
  2. Go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  3. To save the data to a file, use the menu to choose Export.
  4. Messages from Office 365 can be exported to Excel using the “Comma Separated Values” option.
  5. Select the Contacts folder in your Office 365 mailbox by scrolling to the top of the Choose folder to extract email addresses from Outlook 365 to the Excel window and clicking “Next.”
  6. Select a folder, name your file, and then hit OK.
  7. When you’re ready to start exporting your contacts, click the “Finish” button. Outlook does not notify the user of the completion of the export process; however, the Import and Export Progress box does disappear.
  8. Excel should be launched to the new.CSV file on your hard drive.

Drawbacks of using Manual Methods

  • Extraction of email addresses from Office 365 to Excel using the manual technique is a time-consuming and laborious process that takes up a lot of time.
  • It exports all of the data, but the only information that we require from it is the contact details and email addresses, and it exports everything else along.
  • It does not offer any sorting or filtering options when exporting items.
  • This approach calls for specific specialized knowledge. It is possible that non-technical individuals will find it challenging to operate.

Time to Say Goodbye

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know to extract email addresses from Outlook 365 to Excel. This application also lets you export multiple email addresses from several Office 365 accounts simultaneously. Exporting your contacts from Office 365 is a breeze with the help of this program’s sophisticated algorithms. On the other hand, we discovered a few problems with the manual approach. We advise people to utilize the extracted email addresses from the mailbox of Office 365 Wizard to get their data without any fuss. It can perform such duties with ease and precision, consistently producing high-quality output.

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