What are the Benefits of Integrating Video Call API?

What are the Benefits of Integrating Video Call API?
Written by Usdng

The use of video call APIs or live video chat APIs to instantly enable video calling features in existing applications has become an efficient developers’ practice.  Video calling SDK integration in virtualized communications applications has led to a number of industry-specific solutions like – immersive video experiences for consumers; live video chat – to engage students, doctor consultation via live video calling, and many more.

Besides, developers have found APIs to have the following advantages over building apps from scratch –

  • proven cost benefits
  • long-term software development support
  • wide range of customizable functional features
  • Secure features
  • Quick and easy integration with existing applications

Let’s take a closer look at video call APIs.

Defining a Video Call API

Video calling API is the interface that integrates the already-coded video-calling program into an existing app. An API essentially provides the technical infrastructure to incorporate video calling capability in an application as per the developer’s ideas.

Video calling API is a pre-built software tool for web and mobile app developers. Add video calling capabilities to existing applications or build new applications as per the developer’s ideas.

In the following sections let us understand the benefits of integrating video calling API in currently operational apps…

Top 10 Benefits of Video Call API Integration in Existing Applications:

  • High level of customization

The most important factor of using a video calling API is the ease with which it can integrate into a live or existing application. Secondly, despite an API having its own structure and framework, it is easily customizable.

These APIs allow you to customize and innovate further. So that your application is easy to use generically or in a specific industry. such as healthcare or travel, education, entertainment, or retail.

The video call API allows your custom application to be available on all major browsers and all types of devices. Be it custom navigation or including moderator controls, virtual backgrounds, video chat APIs excel as customizable solutions for high-quality video calling.

When an application uses multiple platforms that are connected. Designed to seamlessly use outputs, video calling API or live video call service will only improve all internal communications.

The inherent features of the API will improve the channels of communication with employees. It helps in retaining remote workers and connecting with the workforce without clutches. Apart from being able to engage customers with life-calling or on-demand interaction.

The core concept of using a video call API is that you can build a very rich experience. That will motivate employees to perform better and that the time you take to reach the market is considerably reduced, and your application is able to reach a global audience.

  • Virtual solutions over the cloud  

Another major benefit of using a  Video chat SDK is the inherent capabilities of cloud-based services like large storage, higher levels of accessibility, centralization, and scalability.

Besides, you no longer have to fear that in-house servers will crash because you will be well supported by the Video calling API solution which shall handle hosting, storage, and manage your application activities.

  • Improve the workplace structure

As the workplace changes its structures to accommodate in-house employees and out-of-office employees, the need for an effective communication platform that accommodates all of these requirements is a necessity.

Such an all-supportive system becomes a reality when a video chat solution is used.  It keeps everyone connected, improves flexibility, and supports a positive work-life balance. It also drives better employee retention and also attracts new talent.

  • High-quality calling and conferencing capabilities

In using a video call API the quality of communication can be customized to exceptionally high resolutions of 1080p and full-sound bandwidth.  Such high-resolution images and live video call apps are essential for certain industries such as telehealth, remote education, retail, and HR where dynamic and interactive video integration capability with customized features, versatility, and scalability are critically important.

All of these features are supported when a video call API’s integrated into the standard services that the organization provides.

The core idea of using video call API and integrating it with an existing application is to rapidly deploy live-calling features in an existing application or newly developed application. Through this process, the time taken for writing a code from scratch is saved. Implementation can be in a secured environment with full pre-loaded technical infrastructure.

Hence the use of Video call API helps a business to achieve its objectives and goals without the extra time and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Saving software development resources 

The immediate benefit of introducing a video call API is that the developers and designers needed for such feature development can now allocate other critical development tasks.

Another advantage is that the API integration will bring along all the necessary services such as maintenance and full software support in the future, servicing customers on-demand, and customizing a feature as per the requirements of the application or the project.

By using a video call API security features are inherited during the integration process. The code was pretested and developed for actual use by continuous security measures carried out by the original developers.

Hence there is no need to fear privacy loss when using group video chat app features since access permission, bespoke codes, and encryption protect the application from intruders.

Video call API integrated into an existing platform will also have artificial intelligence capabilities extending the basic services like live chat video calls that your business provides from the time of integration itself.

It eliminates the need for outsourcing such capabilities or hiring additionally to achieve such objectives. The extensive adoption of AI in customer support, enhancing internal communications, or AI-backed assistants for transcribing or improving filter content and storage of the same on cloud services are all part of the API package.


In conclusion, a video call API creates new opportunities for businesses to expand services. It is not dependent on the existing internal resources of developers, cuts down development costs, and extensive iteration processes.

For a hands-on experience of third-party API integration of your application, the video API is the tool you should use.

We offers you an end-to-end video application building platform that brings you high functional integration. It provides absolute control on the features you want the application to run. You can customize on the run.  Scale your operations as well as perform all live video services like video calling, voice call recording, virtual assistance, pre-program video calling features and audio video call recording.