10 Things to Look for When Selecting a Time and Attendance Software

10 Things to Look for When Selecting a Time and Attendance Software
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When selecting time and attendance software for your business, there are many aspects to consider. While these are easy to overlook when you’re just looking at the different features each software package offers, they can have a huge impact on how easy it is to use the software and its overall effectiveness in keeping track of employee hours, absences, overtime and pay rates.

How does your business keep track of its employees’ attendance and hours worked? If you use manual time sheets, it may be time to look into automating the process with an online time and attendance software . Not only will this allow you to streamline processes and save on labor costs, but it can also improve your company culture by setting clearer expectations.

Here are things to look for in a time and attendance software to make sure it’s right for your business.

What is Time and Attendance Software?

Time and Attendance Software, also known as Time and Attendance Systems or T&A, is software that can be used to manage and monitor the attendance of employees. It is typically used in industries where it’s necessary to document time and attendance, such as manufacturing and construction.

Timesheets are such an integral part of the payroll process, and yet, so many small businesses choose not to invest in time and attendance software. This is usually due to lack of knowledge about the importance of these systems and how they can help ensure compliance with labor laws like overtime pay, meal breaks, minimum wage, and more. Below are some helpful things you should know before selecting a time and attendance system:

What Are the Benefits of Having Time and Attendance Software?

Time and attendance software can provide many benefits. Improved payroll costs, accurate billing of clients, and audit-ready records are just the beginning of the list. If you’re looking for a time and attendance software that will help your company meet its goals, here are some things to consider.

The importance of time and attendance software are numerous. First, it is an effective way of keeping track of the hours that your employees work. Second, it can help you avoid being over- or under-paying them with regards to their wages. Third, the data may be used as evidence in the case of employment disputes. Fourth, it gives you a clear idea of how much money your company is spending on labor costs each year.

Here are 10 Things to Look for When Selecting a Time and Attendance Software:


A cloud-based solution is crucial if you need your system to be accessible from any device. With most time tracking apps, all data is stored in the cloud and can be viewed on any computer or mobile device. This saves space on your own computer and ensures that data will always be available even if you’re away from the office. Cloud-based solutions also offer 24/7 customer service, so you’ll always have help when you need it!

Local, on-premise solutions are useful if you want full control over your data. On-premise solutions may be more affordable since they don’t require you to pay monthly fees or store sensitive data online.


In the United States, 44% of employers use biometrics as their primary timekeeping system. This is not surprising since biometrics is one of the most reliable methods of employee verification. Biometrics, which refers to the automated measurement of physical characteristics like voice, fingerprint, or eye scans, is a cheaper and more accurate way to track employees’ hours.

No-Touch Biometrics

Because facial recognition solutions minimize the risk of spreading infectious diseases such as COVID-19, they are far more beneficial than fingerprint biometric access control solutions.

Even if you do not have an infection, using no-touch biometrics is simply more convenient. Instead of having to put your hands close enough together so that a fingerprint scanner can get a clear image, you just need to step in front of a webcam or wave your hand above a motion sensor. This convenience means more people will be willing to allow access and reduce the chances of theft or vandalism.

Payroll Integration Support

The best time and attendance software will be able to integrate with your payroll system. This ensures that the hours employees worked are automatically input into your payroll system, so you don’t have to do it manually each pay period.

Other features that are nice to have include manual payroll support, lunch breaks, overtime calculations, mobile time tracking, and customizable reports. You might need some of these features more than others depending on your unique work situation.

For instance, if you have international employees or need to accommodate multiple shifts per day or locations then you’ll need better reporting tools. If your business doesn’t use direct deposit then you can also save some money by selecting a time clock software with an integrated ACH feature instead of relying on expensive payroll integrations.

Workforce Management

A workforce management system should be able to track employee hours from start to finish using the latest technology available. The system should also be able to determine when an employee clocks in or out depending on their device-based location information.

Another important feature of an effective time management system is real-time notifications. Real-time notifications allow employees to track their hours, take lunch breaks, and clock in or out from their mobile devices. Notifications can be used to remind employees of upcoming deadlines, tasks, overtime opportunities and employee schedules. Some time management systems have email capabilities as well as text messaging which can also be used as notification alerts.

Electronic Timesheets

A time and attendance software can be one of the most important investments in your company. There are many things you should look for when selecting a system. You want something that is user-friendly, customizable, scalable, secure, accurate, affordable – the list goes on!

A lot of people are moving toward electronic timesheets because they feel like it’s the most efficient way to track time. The problem is that there are many different types of software out there, so it can be difficult to know what you need.

Overtime Tracking

One of the most important features of any time tracking software is overtime tracking. This is especially important if your company pays employees overtime or pays them a certain wage per hour. Overtime should be tracked differently than regular hours, so it’s vital that you take the time to look for this feature when you’re considering different software packages.

Shift Schedules

A shift schedule includes the work hours for each staff member, the days off, and holiday schedules. A good software will allow you to set up different types of shifts such as rotating shifts or on-call shifts. It should also allow you to set up multiple workweeks with varying days off. Which is great when your employees have variable schedules. Some systems let you create a custom order of time off requests as well.

Easy-To-Use Interface

One of the first things to consider when looking at time and attendance solutions is whether or not it has an easy-to-use interface. There are many times where we find ourselves struggling with our computer’s operating system. So you want the software that you choose to be user-friendly enough that it doesn’t create more problems than it solves. A good example of this would be if the program uses dropdown menus instead of requiring users to memorize specific codes.

Reporting Functionalities

One of the most important features that any time clock software should have is reporting functions. The ability to report on the data gathered from your employees will help you keep track of their attendance. As well as their hours worked. Reporting functionality also allows you to see how much overtime each employee has worked. Which can help keep them productive and motivated.


In conclusion, we hope that this list of ten things will help you find the right time and attendance solutions for your business. Remember, it’s important to do some research about any product or service before purchasing it.

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