3 Top Reasons to Recycle College Scholarship Essays

Top 3 Reasons to Recycle College Scholarship Essays
Written by Usdng

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Recycling College Scholarship Essays is just plain SMART!

You wrote a few great college scholarship essays and now you have to start ALL over to write the next one, right???


Top 3 Reasons to Recycle College Scholarship Essays

Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

These are the words of this ever-increasing “green” world in which we all wish to help create. 

Recycling is the right thing to do and the smart way to live. 

Students wishing to win as much money for school as possible in the least amount of time can take the recycling route and use their college scholarship essays for several applications.

OK, maybe recycle isn’t quite the right word when it comes to scholarship essays. Let’s go with repurpose.

Students can write a few quality essays on the three most popular scholarship essay prompts which are:

Why do you think you deserve the scholarship money?

Explain your community service project in detail or share how you have helped your community.

What are your future career plans?

Students can then save these essays and adjust the word count for lots of different scholarship applications. 

Each scholarship essay should be tailored to the organization offering the scholarship, including the specific name of each provider.

Tweaking the essays to reflect the values and beliefs of the company or organization will give students a better chance of winning as I share in detail in this post

Using the same essay, with a few changes, for several applications will save students tons of time, which in turn allows them to apply for more scholarships.

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The more scholarships a student applies for, the better their chances of winning.

Parents can play a big part in this process by helping their students find scholarships that they qualify to apply for and passing this information on to their students. 

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Paying for college is a huge challenge. Repurpose those essays and win more money for college!

I’d love to teach you how I helped my son win over $100,000 in college scholarships and graduate 100% debt-free!


3 Top Reasons to Recycle College Scholarship Essays

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