Why Massage is Essential for Children ⋆ Article Good

Why Massage is Essential for Children ⋆ Article Good
Written by Usdng

Some aspects of a child’s daily routine, such as time spent playing on phones, going to school, or participating in sports, can affect their physical and mental health. It can be crucial to address these issues when dealing with emotional strains, stressors, or injuries. One way to solve them is to use massage therapy.

Massage therapy is an excellent tool for your child to incorporate into their life to speed up the healing process of an injury, ease sore muscles and tissues, improve circulation, and encourage relaxation.

Children can benefit from incorporating self-care into their daily routines like adults. Starting early will help them get into an attitude of self-care; however, they may also benefit from the therapeutic physical benefits.

This article will introduce you to the benefits children can reap by having an appointment for a massage. While massage therapy is effective and safe in children’s lives, we suggest you get permission from your child’s doctor before starting.

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Massage oil for children

Provide a Sense of Peace

Massage can be a fantastic way to foster feelings of safety and security in children, especially infants, as touch is the first sense they develop. The sympathetic nervous system is activated if your child is anxious or has a strong emotional reaction, such as a tantrum or any other response to perceived danger. It triggers that fight response. It’s not a pleasant feeling for anyone, let alone children, so including activities that calm them down can be a great way to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

When the PSNS is activated, the body experiences relaxation, which improves circulation and promotes an overall sense of peace. Massage can be a quick and effective way to activate this part of our nervous system. It is a relaxing practice to reduce the number of times the SNS is activated throughout the day.

Massage is also a bonding opportunity for parents and children, allowing unrestricted attention. A parent may want to include massages at certain times when they are already demanding attention, such as in the morning or at bedtime. This helps build new connections, bonds, and the peace that children need. For example, babies may appreciate a gentle massage before bed, which helps create a sense of peace and tranquillity. Children of a certain age may appreciate a gentle massage during story time to help them relax to sleep.

Reduce Stress in Children

In adulthood, children are also frequently exposed to daily anxiety and stress. Especially during the current epidemic, adapting to the ever-changing world can be a significant challenge for children.

Anxiety and stress can manifest in children of a certain age who have more responsibility and take on different roles as they grow up. Things like family, school, and friends are enough to trigger feelings of anxiety and stress. These triggers can cause adverse physical reactions.

Stress can be felt in many body areas, producing physical symptoms such as headaches and aches, a weak immune system, high blood pressure, and more. Stress can also cause stress throughout the body due to repeated stress reactions, making joints and muscles feel tight and sore.

Massage can not only help physical reactions to stress, for example, by relaxing muscles and improving circulation throughout the body and relaxing muscles; it can also help on a biological level. Massage increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain by about 32%. These hormones play a role in regulating mood and creating feelings of satisfaction. With approximately 1.6 million children and adolescents in the USA affected by mental illness, finding ways to reduce anxiety and stress levels is crucial. Massage is a beautiful way to soothe children who can benefit from a Registered Therapist. Therapists use it to manage their children’s mental well-being.

The solution to Tech-Neck Problem

Some 88% of US parents of children aged 2.5 to 13 say their child spends an average of an hour on a smartphone, while parents of children aged 11 to 14 say they use their devices at least two hours a day. The gadgets used differ according to the child’s age, with 56% of 7 to 9 years old using smartphones daily and two-thirds of nine to 13-year-olds. In addition, playing video games with a game console is also popular, especially among children between 7 and 13 years.

Do these gadgets have anything in common? All are at risk of becoming what is known by the term technology bottleneck. With the epidemic, children are spending more time on their devices because they are at home and depend on them for remote learning. This means that the risk of shoulder and neck strain is increased, especially for those with poor posture when using their device.

Some physical indications associated with tech neck include a rounded neck and shoulders that hurt the back and shoulders. Children sit with their backs and necks down when they use their devices. This is often because the device is held below eye level, which causes strain on the neck and the muscles around it. Also, when using an electronic device, such as for homework or school, the result could be tense shoulder muscles, leading to pain and discomfort.

Massage is a fantastic way to target the muscles that children strain when playing with their gadgets. Inducing less tension and improving circulation in the shoulders, neck, and back through massage could help children reduce the amount of pain they experience. However, it can help improve their posture and reduce neck-related technology’s long-term and short-term consequences.

solution to Sports Injuries

The solution to Sports Injuries

You may have heard of sports injuries or aches and pains if your child plays sports. The idea that children can easily reduce themselves is not always true. Finding ways to treat these injuries, especially joint and muscle injuries, is vital.

Sports massage is a therapy that can specifically target the injury and speed recovery. Many athletes use this therapy to care for themselves before or after a sporting event. This therapy aims to stimulate weak muscles, increase flexibility and muscle strength, and improve the performance of athletes. A gentler, modified version of this massage can be done for older children.