5 Things to Look for in Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

5 Things to Look for in Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles
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Every aspect of our home is important to us and serves a specific function, the kitchen and bathroom are the most practical areas in any home and deciding on the best kitchen and wall tiles London is crucial.

Another thing they share to be in the same category is they’re generally the spaces that experience the most water use. These are also the two places that we tend to stand in more than we lay down or sit.

This means that the requirements for tile in the areas in question differ from the rest of the home that are generally less humid areas.

This is a useful list of things to be looking for when choosing kitchen and bathroom tiles:

Low Absorption Of Water

In areas that experience frequent water usage, such as bathrooms and kitchens it is crucial to choose floor tiles that soak up the most water feasible.

The joints between tiles should be clean which will reduce the chance of dust getting trap within the grout. Vitrified tiles are a popular choice because of their resistance to staining and dust.

They are ideal for large-scale houses as even the toughest staining, such as the ones caused by oil splatters, are easily cleaned by the stroke of an emulsion. The best wall tiles for bathroom require minimal maintenance, which means you are able to live your life without hassle.

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Functionally Beautiful

When selecting a kitchen for bathroom and kitchen tiles it’s crucial to choose a colour and texture that is not only the appearance of the area but also provides something in terms of practicality.

Wall tiles for kitchen with light colours can make the room appear larger and cleaner. They also make it easier to spot and remove any spots or stains. Tiles with lighter colours also absorb less heat than darker hues.


Tiles that have smooth, glazed surfaces pose a risk to bathrooms and kitchens, and should be avoided in these areas.

Although they provide the living area tiles a beautiful appearance as well as feel, they also provide little traction, which makes them susceptible to skidding when there is any water on them.

For practical ease, and also to avoid security concerns, go with flooring tiles that are anti-skid in your bathroom and modern kitchen tiles design. Tiles that are smooth can be put on interior walls for a high-end appearance.


This should be the case to all tiles that are used in all areas of your house, but more so for bathrooms and kitchens. This is due to the fact that these rooms are subject to a lot of use in comparison to other rooms.

Vitrified tiles are very low in water absorption and don’t break or chip easily. The stain-resistant properties and ease of maintenance keep them looking beautiful even after decades of continuous usage.

Matching Your Decor

Functional features are excellent However, what’s equally important is how well the tiles look! With Vitero floor and wall tiles, you can choose from the broadest selection of designs and patterns available which gives you the flexibility to express your personal style.

Blend and mix plain as well as pattern designs, or opt for gentle and delicate shades to give a touch of class. It’s your choice to be creative for Vitero tiles.

Ceramic Tiles Are A Crucial Element In Kitchen Design

The floor surface is among the most crucial aspects of kitchen design – this is where ceramic tiles truly come to the forefront: they are a great choice in terms of design and practicality.

This article will discuss the advantages that ceramic tile can offer for the perfect kitchen look.

The Benefits Of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a good option for kitchens because they’re simple to maintain and clean, they’re resilient and, crucially, in kitchens ceramic floor tiles are resistant to slip.

If you’re looking for matte or glossy ceramic tiles or ones that resemble natural materials such as stone or wood, their practical nature that ceramic tile tiles offer makes them an ideal option amongst the many floor coverings.

The Modern Kitchen Can Be A Social Space

The kitchen is regard as the heart of a house even though it was used for cooking and food preparation the modern kitchen can be use as living spaces, dining areas and even a playroom, which gives the kitchen a more vital role in family life.

Modern kitchens, which have a plethora of uses, ought to be an area that we would like to stay, not get away to somewhere cosier.

Utilising wall tiles for bathroom as well as electric underfloor heating can create a cosy space that is the heart of the home of the family and something our clients are witnessing an increase in demand for.

Style Are Injected With Ceramic Tiles

One of the most popular choices of our Prato collection of ceramic tiles for walls that are available in black or white to give an elegant and sleek floor, while for flooring our new and stunning Brescia Collection, with its stunning wood-like effects, is very popular and can give your home an elegant or modern look.

With their elegant marble design Large size gloss Daino ceramic tiles can add a an elegant and luxurious look to any kitchen, and with the perfect amount of character and texture.

With neutral hues of beige and cream Our Travertine ceramic tiles emulate a mottled matte stone look and are a popular option for kitchens.

They can be in a diverse variety size and format ranging from large format to mosaics and relief inserts that add the appearance and depth to walls.

The Caserta Collection is suitable for floors and walls, with a palette of colours that range from creamy to black and darker slate grey The elegant tiles provide a stylish finish to any space.

If your project requires the more classic ceramic tile the traditional geometric Savona and Turin ranges, available in ivory and red, will create a stunning feature in any Victorian kitchen.

Are Kitchen Tiles The Right Choice For You?

For a long time ceramic tiles have been the most sought-after material for interior design because of their flexibility and durability, as well as their low cost and beautiful appearance.

With a range of colours, designs patterns, and textures, ceramic tiles are frequently employed in modern kitchens. Ceramic tiles are available gloss, unglaze, glaze and super glossy, or matte or matte finishes. They are available in myriad of designs, patterns , and textures.

Every aspect of life comes with pros and pros and cons and ceramic tiles aren’t an exception. With the many advantages of ceramic tiles in both housing and commercial settings they are the most popular and desirable choice for modern kitchens.

The kitchen is among the most heavily use areas for foot traffic in any commercial or residential installation, which is why it tiles with high rigidity for durability.

A kitchen that is residential requires a rating of four while commercial kitchen tiles must have at minimum five rigidity, which is only achievable through ceramic tiles. 

In addition to the toughness ratings for ceramic tiles there they are also flexible as well as stain and water resistance as well as durability and affordable price make it the ideal flooring and wall options for kitchens.

The Reason Why Ceramic Tiles Are A Great Choice For Walls And Floors

Ceramic tile flooring is among the top popular flooring options for offices and homes across all over the world. In almost every home ceramic tile can be beneficial for your home and you.

Beautiful, practical and functional are the three words that describe modern wall tiles. From the variety of sizes, shapes, textures and shapes, you’ll be amaze by the possibilities to design your dream surface or even wall.

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Tiles for floors of ceramic are from the raw materials clay as well as sand and glass. These are mix with recycle materials to create ceramic tiles. The majority of ceramic tiles are produce with recycle materials.

Low Maintenance

Modern exterior wall tiles are extremely simple to maintain, from easy cleaning to sealing. In addition to cleaning, there’s no need for special maintenance.