9 Most Incredible Travel Destinations You Can Visit For Under $50

9 Most Incredible Travel Destinations You Can Visit For Under $50
Written by Usdng

Traveling is amazing thing that you can do in your life. It gives you a chance to learn about different cultures, experience new foods, and sights, and make friends with people worldwide. However, traveling isn’t cheap—especially if you want to visit fantastic places! Luckily for us budget travelers out there who wish they could afford more time off work or school but don’t have any extra cash lying around (or anyone else willing to foot their bills), there are plenty of ways you can still get your money’s worth on vacation without breaking the bank:

1. South of France

It’s one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world to visit. It is a popular destination for both French and international tourists, and there are many reasons why it should be on your travel bucket list.

Price point: The average price of a hotel room in the South of France is $40-$50 per night, making it an affordable option for all budgets.

Weather: The weather in the South is much warmer than other parts of Europe, with temperatures rarely dropping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or rising above 80 degrees Fahrenheit at any given time during the year (though it does rain occasionally).

Food: If you love food as much as we do, then you’ll be delighted to know that there are plenty of great restaurants in the region that serve up delicious meals for under $50 per person.

Attractions: There are plenty of other things to do besides eat and drink—you can enjoy shopping, see some beautiful scenery, go hiking or biking through towns and villages, or even visit museums if you’re into art history!

2. Uganda

Uganda is a great place to visit. It’s cheap, there are many things to do in Uganda, and you can get a visa on arrival (VOA). If you want to go earlier than that, though, there are several other options available as well:

  • You could apply for an e-Visa before leaving home! This will allow you to travel anywhere in Africa without having any paperwork or documents required by immigration officials upon arrival at their country’s border.* Or if this isn’t enough of an incentive for getting your passport stamped at the airport.

3. South Korea – under $50

South Korea has a lot of history and is popular among tourists. It’s also beautiful, with incredible scenery (including mountains and beaches).

4. Columbia

Columbia is a beautiful country with many different landscapes, and it’s also home to a rich history and culture. You can visit the capital city of Bogota or explore hidden villages in the Amazon jungle. There are plenty of things to do here, including hiking through Museo del Oro (the country’s largest gold museum), visiting Las Ruinas de Motocovía (an abandoned train station), or going paragliding over the Andes mountains!

5. India

India is one of the top travel destinations you can visit for under $50, and the best part? This country has everything from meeting local people to going on a safari.

India has some of the most delicious food around. You’ll never have to worry about running out of cash (or having too much) because every meal is dirt cheap! And did we mention how friendly everyone is? Yes, India may be one of Asia’s most politically unstable countries—but its people are still amiable. If you’re looking for an adventure or just want something different than what your usual tourist destination offers, this should be one of your first stops when planning your next vacation abroad!

6. Mauritius

A beautiful island off the coast of Africa, its tropical climate, beaches and resorts, accommodations, and activities are known for its tropical climate.

  • Beach: There are more than 400 beaches on the island with white sand or pure black volcanic rock. Some of these beaches have facilities such as showers and bathrooms, so you can spend your entire day at them without worrying about where to go next or what time dinner will be served!
  • Resorts: Hundreds of alternatives are available all over Mauritius with different price ranges depending on what kind of accommodation you want (e.g., villas vs. rooms). You can find everything from luxurious five-star hotels to budget backpackers hostels if you’re looking for something more affordable than staying in a hotel room alone but still want something comfortable during your vacation experience!

7. Morocco

Morocco is the perfect destination for travelers who want to experience a rich history, amazing landscapes, and culture. The country has been through many changes but still maintains its authenticity. Morocco is also very affordable compared to other European countries.

Morocco’s climate varies greatly depending on where you travel; it ranges from scorching heat to cold winters with snow at higher altitudes (where most tourists go). If you’re looking for something more moderate between these extremes, consider visiting Casablanca or Marrakech instead!

8. Panama City

If you’re looking for a place to get away, Panama City is one of the best travel destinations for under $50. The city has long been known as a safe haven for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors, but recently it’s become popular with travelers who don’t want to waste a lot of money during your holidays. 

Panama City is located along the Caribbean Sea and has over 800,000 people. It’s home to several attractions, including museums, parks, and beaches. The city also has plenty of shopping for those who like to shop at stores like Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue.

In addition to all these things Panama City has to offer, it’s also close enough for visitors who want to visit other countries such as Costa Rica or Belize without having to fly there first!

9. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam, is the best travel destination for under $50.

What makes Hanoi such a fantastic place? Well, for starters, we’re talking about one of the most stunning cities in Southeast Asia. The city has a rich history, and even though it’s been around for more than 1,000 years, it still feels like a modern and exciting place. It’s also known for its beautiful parks and monuments—many UNESCO World Heritage sites.

But there are so many other reasons to love Hanoi. For example, you can get your fill of authentic Vietnamese food while enjoying a little bit of luxury! You’ll find French restaurants serving up some of the best food in town and Vietnamese restaurants offering superb cuisine at lower prices than you might see in other parts of Asia or Europe. In addition to eating out, there are plenty of cultural activities available to do while visiting Hanoi. You can learn about local history by walking through historical neighborhoods or visiting museums dedicated entirely to Vietnam’s history and culture. 

Traveling is an incredible way to see the world and make new friends. But how much does it cost? You can travel for under $50 on many trips, including plane, train, or bus rides; car or motorcycle trips; and even walking tours.

The places where you can find these exceptional adventures are all over the world. Some examples include:* Italy (about $20-$30)* Mexico City ($20-$40)* New Zealand ($40-$60)* South Africa ($30-50)* Thailand ($10-$15)


While this may not be the most exciting list of travel destinations, the main takeaway is that you don’t need to break the bank to travel. There are many nearby and inexpensive options only a short drive away from home. And if you explore these, you might be surprised at what else is available. After all, no travel guide can tell you what your backyard looks like!