Always Begin With a Hook!

College Scholarship Tip: Begin Essays With a Hook!
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College Scholarship Tip:  Begin With a Hook

This college scholarship tip will help students write stronger essays!

Use this extremely effective college scholarship tip to impress the judges!

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Winning scholarship essays are ones that capture the attention of the judges from the very first sentence. To do this, students need to always begin with a hook instead of what most students will begin with, which is this:

“I need this scholarship money because…”

This is a common way to start scholarship essays and winning scholarships is all about being different and catching the eyes of the judges as soon as they start reading.

Also, don’t spit back the prompt or repeat the essay question.

Students, if the question is, “What are your goals and dreams?”, resist the urge to start with, “My goals and dreams are…” This is what most students do and it is, well, BORING.

Use real-life examples, describe something you are passionate about, and then lead into the reasons why how winning the scholarship money would help you fulfill your dreams.

Using an interesting “hook” at the start and end of your essays will help the judges remember you and give your scholarship applications more reasons to be placed in the possible winners’ pile.

Great college scholarship essays are the ones that the judges WANT to read after the first sentence and not those they HAVE to read because it’s their job.

Find an example of how to use an essay hook right here.

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College Scholarship Tip: Begin Essays With a Hook!

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College Scholarship Tip - Begin With a Hook