Get Level 2 Charger Installation for your home ⋆ Article Good

Get Level 2 Charger Installation for your home ⋆ Article Good
Written by Usdng

If you’re like me, you’re tired of driving multiple times a week to fuel your car up with gasoline before you get on with your.  And if you have an electric vehicle, Level 2 Charger Installation makes sense even more so! If you’ve already gone through the hassle of purchasing an electric vehicle, why not save yourself from having to make trips to the gas station?


The most popular choice of electric vehicle charging station is the Level 2 unit, which can typically charge a car in 4-8 hours. There are two types of these charging stations: on-board and off-board. On-board units plug into the car’s battery directly, and off-board units plug into an outlet in a nearby garage or parking lot.

To install a Level 2 charger at home, many people choose an off-board charger because it requires less installation work and doesn’t interfere with their driveway or curbside parking space. 

The first step is to contact an electrician who will come out and review the site where you want the charger installed.

Find a reputable installer

The best way to find a reputable installer is by searching online. There are a lot of different websites that list electricians and contractors by location, so you can just type in the zip code of where you live, and it will give you a list of people who are available in your area. You can also search electrician or contractor on Google and see if any listings come up near you. 

It’s also important to ask around in your personal network – friends, family members, neighbors – because they might be able to refer someone who they’ve had a good experience with.

Another option is to go with a company that specifically focuses on EV charging equipment and installation. they usually call electrical contractors, and have experience with both residential and commercial installations. Depending on where you live, you might need to get a permit or submit paperwork before having one of these installed at your house, so make sure you do that ahead of time. 

Get a quote

The first step is to determine what type of charger you need. You can find out this information by visiting the ChargePoint website. There you will find a Find Station tab, which allows you to search by location or by vehicle make and model. Next, you will be able to see if there are any stations nearby with available charging ports. If not, the site will provide directions on how close one is so that you can plan a trip in the future. 

Once you have determined what type of station you need, it is time to decide where it needs to be installed: in your garage (dry location), on

To receive a quote on installing an EV charging station, visit an authorized dealership in your area or find one online. A salesperson will ask you several questions about where it will be installed and what type of charger you are looking to install. submitting a form online or in-store provides them all of your contact information, as well as property details, such as address and proof of ownership. At that point, they should get back to you within a few hours (usually 1–3) with information on how much it will cost and how long it will take for them to complete installation at your location.

Schedule the installation

If you are interested in installing a level 2 charger at your home and want more information, fill out the form on our website. Once we receive the form, an electrician will contact you for an appointment to install the charger. The installation usually takes about two hours and does not require any construction work. If you have any other questions or would like additional information, please reach out to us at

We will contact you directly after we receive your form, and an electrician will give you a quote. Once you approve of it, they will install the charger at no cost to you. The installation should take two hours or less depending on how far away from an outlet they need to run power lines. While some homes require additional construction in order to install a level 2 charger, others do not. However, if you think installing one will be too much work, we can help with that as well. We’ve worked with many people who want chargers installed but don’t have enough room outside their house or garage for one. If that’s something we can help with, just let us know and we can set up a consultation at no cost!

Prepare for the installation

 If you’re not sure, you can always call an electrician to come inspect it and make sure it’s up-to-date. You may also need a permit depending on where you live, so it’s important that you know whether or not this applies before continuing. You’ll also want an electrician on hand who will be able to wire the charger into your panel and make any necessary adjustments while they’re there. The last step is just finding a place in your house that is out of the way but still accessible from an outlet, such as behind a couch or under a desk.

One of the best places to install a charger is in an outlet near where you park, since it’s easy to just plug in as soon as you walk inside. To do that, you need a level two or three charger installed by a certified electrician. Each one comes with different specifications and ports depending on how many cars can be charged at once, but most can power two vehicles at once without any issues. while there are some models available online, it’s better to call around and speak with an expert who can help you make sure your needs are met. You may even want to use an electrician who specializes in chargers specifically so they’ll be able to give suggestions that only pertain to installation.

After the installation

Level 2 chargers can charge up a car in six to eight hours. It’s a convenient way of charging the car, but it may not work if you’re leaving town for the day or planning on going away on vacation. For this reason, some people opt for level 3 chargers, which are able to fully charge a vehicle in two hours or less. If you want to save money and still enjoy all the benefits of owning an electric car, then investing in level 3 charger installation is worth considering.

You may even want to use an electrician who specializes in chargers specifically so they’ll be able to give suggestions that only pertain to installation.

Although level 3 charging is a great option, you’ll need to be sure that all of your electrical work meets safety codes. This may require installing circuit breakers and upgrading cables. If you’re planning on installing level 3 chargers in an older house, then you’ll want to check with a licensed electrician about whether or not it’s safe for you to do so. You should also choose where you place your level 3 charger carefully. If possible, avoid installing them near air conditioning units as they can cause a decrease in charge efficiency.