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Guide to New Tattoo Care
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The new tattoo you just got requires an amount of care to help heal as well as prevent infection and keep it looking fresher for longer. Here’s how.

You’ve got a brand new tattoo. Congratulations! Ink-loving is always thrilling and you’ll probably want to be waiting to display your latest work.

However, before your tattoo will be able to go displayed in public you’ll need to go through the process of healing. It doesn’t matter if it’s your very first or the most recent of many it is important to be sure to follow the proper treatment of your tattoos every single time by the best Tattoo Shop In Jaipur.

The proper care afterward ensures that your tattoo isn’t infected, is well healed, and stays bright and fresh throughout the time it is possible.

Read on for the complete information on post-tattoo care.

Day 1

The first day of treatment determines the course of your healing process. It’s also divided into two distinct, but equally crucial actions.

At the Shop

The first thing that your tattoo artist will place is a light layer of petroleum jelly on the tattoo. Then, apply an opaque or bandage over the tattoo.

You should leave it on. However much you’d like to gaze at your tattoo, you should leave the bandage on until prepared to wash your tattoo.

Once You Get Home

There’s still some room to play around with this in that you can wash the tattoo after a couple of hours or put the bandage on for 24 hours prior to washing.

Find out what is most effective for you.

When the time comes to clean your tattoo, take off the bandage slowly but carefully Be cautious not to pull it when it’s stuck. If the bandage is stuck on your tattoo rub the tattoo with water (gently). It should be free.

Your tattoo could be a bit squishy and delicate, so take care. Use mild soap or a special type of tattoo soap to wash your tattoo with care. If you do not use an especially-formulated tattoo soap, be sure that you use a soap devoid of dyes, hydrogen peroxide or scents. The less complicated the soap, the more effective.

Do not scrub or make use of a cleaning cloth.

Cleanse the tattoo, then rub it dry with a dry towel.

It’s best to keep the tattoo unattended at night and lie down on sheets you’re comfortable being dirty. The tattoo might ooze with plasma and ink for a few days.

Day 3 – 4

The scabbing has begun.

Certain people get severe scabbing while others are able to see flaking as sunburn. Whatever the case, the tattoo care procedure is similar.

When the flaking or scabbing develops, apply an oil-based tattoo cream to keep your tattoo moisturized. Similar to soaps, it is possible to choose to use specific tattoo lotions or simply a basic lotion that is fragrance-free and dye-free that you can purchase at the drugstore.

It is important not to pick on the skin scabs. If you do, it will alter the appearance of your tattoo and cause infections. The tattoos will fall off by themselves and you should keep moisturizing.

It is important to keep the tattoo spotless throughout this time, however, you should not clean it with soap as it can scratch away the flaking and scratching.

Instead, clean above in the area around and above and allow the soapy liquid to wash across the design. Keep rubbing the tattoo until dry.

If when you’re on the go, be sure that you’re wearing loose clothing to allow the tattoo to breathe However, you shouldn’t expose the tattoo to direct sunlight.

Day 7 – 10

The itching will begin in the next few days. After the tattoo heals it’s likely to be itchy as if it’s a rash.

The first thing to remember is: DON’T SCRATCH.

Scratching can cause tears to any remaining scabs but also causes tiny cuts to the skin, which can lead to infection. The entire point of caring for tattoos is to prevent infection So, don’t scratch.

Instead, apply gentle pressure using the help of a cloth. Some experts will suggest gently patting the area to help relieve itching.

Apart from that, make sure to moisturize your skin and ensure that it is free of dirt. Once the scabbing has completely gone, you can begin washing the tattoo with soap and water however, do not scrub it.

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Day 12 – 14

At this moment, your tattoo ought to appear to be nearly healed. Scabbing should be completed in a timely manner, and you shouldn’t notice any bleeding ink or plasma.

Wear loose clothes while keeping the mark away from the sun for a minimum of two weeks. Avoid getting your tattoo submerged in water for the first 2 weeks.

Avoid hot water, including in showers. It could fade the ink.

And Beyond

When the tattoo is completely healed, which can take 2 to 4 weeks, the initial treatment is complete! You made it!

Because tattoos are an investment the care you give to your tattoos doesn’t end there.

It’s time to get rid of the loose clothing and begin taking long baths and swimming again. There are a few things to remember in order to ensure that the tattoo remains vibrant and fresh.

First, moisturize it. You’re supposed to moisturize your skin every day and you should make sure that the tattoo is being treated to some attention as you moisturize your skin, particularly when you live in an extremely dry or cold climate.

Then, ensure that when your tattoo is exposed to the sun apply sunscreen. This is essential for tattoos that are freshly healed but are an excellent guideline for the future.

Tattoo Care is a Lifestyle

If you continue to get tattoos (and many do. They could be addictive) Tattoo care becomes regular.

Keep in mind that tattoos can be a significant investment. Take care of them and the skin they’re placed on.

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  • Do follow the instructions from your tattooist. Cover your tattoo for several hours so that it absorbs any blood, fluid or ink that could escape. (This is normal.)
  • Do be aware that tattoos are wound. Once you’re ready to remove the wrapper, you should treat the tattoo as you would another skin wound. Cleanse your hands prior to touching your tattoo, and then take care to wash the area using detergent and water. Always apply lukewarm or warm water and soap with a mild scent.
  • Do keep it wet, but allow it to breathe. Cover the entire image with a layer an ointment or other acceptable product (see the below list for additional alternatives). If the tattoo is located in a part that isn’t covered with clothes, cover it to allow your skin to breathe and allow for healing.


  • Do not apply pressure to your skin Pat it gently to prevent irritation.
  • Do not apply sunscreen until your tattoo is completely healed since the mineral or chemical can cause irritation to your damaged skin.
  • Do not scratch, pick or rub it until the area is healed. The tattoo could be damaged.