QuickBooks Won’t Open? Learn how to eliminate this issue

QuickBooks Won’t Open? Learn how to eliminate this issue
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Tried every which way, and still, QuickBooks won’t open. This issue might render you unable to perform all the financial operations of your company. Fret not, as we dive into all possible reasons for why it may happen and how to eradicate this issue in a sure-shot way.

QuickBooks is a vital accounting and bookkeeping application used worldwide by small and medium enterprises to carry out their financial operations seamlessly. Many small businesses are dependent on QuickBooks to manage their financial data. QuickBooks helps with all the significant affairs of an organization, such as keeping accounts, payments, reconciliation, etc. As powerful and essential as it may be, what if your QuickBooks won’t open? You would not be able to perform any of the financial operations of your enterprise, eventually wasting your time and affecting your productivity. You are probably reading this blog/article to avoid the same. In this article, we shall discuss the possible causes of why QuickBooks won’t open and how to eliminate this issue.

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QuickBooks won’t open when clicking on the QuickBooks desktop icon or accessing the company file. There may be many reasons why it would occur.

Reasons why QuickBooks won’t open

User encounter this issue for the following reasons

  1. The computer’s hard disk is damaged
  2. Company file is larger in size
  3. Windows Operating System is not updated to the latest version.
  4. The QuickBooks version you are using is not updated to the latest version.
  5. QuickBooks Desktop installed incorrectly
  6. Corrupted files with .ini extension.
  7. Windows user not able to access as admin
  8. Company file has a problem.

What symptoms would you see when QuickBooks won’t open?

When your QuickBooks won’t open, your computer might behave this way.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop might freeze, and the display may pause.
  2. Windows Operating System may slow down.
  3. Computer may respond slowly while inputting commands.
  4. Computer may hang many times
  5. Won’t be able to access your company file.

To avoid all these hassles, here is the list of recommended solutions. Try them out one-by-one to be able open QuickBooks again.

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List of solutions to fix the ‘QuickBooks won’t open’ error.

Follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below to get rid of the issue once and for all.

Solution 1: Correct the faulty QuickBooks installation

Follow these steps to correct the QuickBooks installation by repairing the damaged file.

Note: Your company file should be backed up.

  1. Restart the Computer
  2. Click on Start, and now open the Control Panel option.
  3. Now click on Programs and Features.
  4. In that, click on Programs.
  5. A list of programs will appear on the screen of your system.
  6. Look for the QuickBooks program.
  7. Right-click on it, and after right-clicking, choose Uninstall/change option.
  8. Click on the Continue button and after that on the Next button.
  9. You’ll see a Repair option. Click on it to start the repair and then on Next.
  10. The repairing process will start. After it’s done, click on Finish.
  11. QuickBooks has been repaired. Now update QuickBooks to the newest version.

If the issue prevails, try solution 2.

Solution 2: Run the QuickBooks tool Hub to resolve the issue.

QuickBooks tool hub helps in resolving minor issues in QuickBooks. Follow these steps to learn how.

  1. Close QuickBooks properly. No QuickBooks or its supporting software should be open at this point.
  2. Next step would be to download the new version of the QuickBooks tool hub.
  3. Open the recently downloaded QuickBooksToolHub.exefile.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions and install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  5. After the installation, double-click the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon to let it run and resolve minor issues by following the next steps.
  6. Now choose the option ofRun as Administrator.
  7. You’ll see many options. Choose the Installation Issues option.
  8. Choose the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  9. After clicking, it will start diagnosing QuickBooks. Let it run till it’s finished.
  10. When finished, restart your computer.
  11. Check if QuickBooks is working correctly.

If the issue prevails, try solution 3.

Solution 3: Try closing QBW32.exe

Follow these steps to close the QBW32.exe to end the QuickBooks process entirely.

  1. In the Windows taskbar, choose Start Task Manager.
  2. Hit the Processes tab and select the header to sort the processes.
  3. Look for the QBW32.exe file and then click on END process.

If the issue prevails, try solution 4.

Solution 4: Change the name of QBWUSER.ini.file

This process may help resolve the ‘QuickBooks won’t open’ issue. Follow the given steps.

  1. When trying to access the .ini file and unable to find it, enable the show hidden folder option.
  2. Locate QBWUSER.ini.file, and right-click on it. Select Renameand add ‘old’ to the file name to easily recognize it.
  3. After that, Rename the ecm.file. If QuickBooks start working correctly, the issue has been resolved.

If the issue prevails, try solution 5.

Solution 5: Uninstall and Re-install QuickBooks

Step 1: Uninstall the QuickBooks Application

  1. On your windows desktop, open the Control Panel.
  2. Choose the Program and Features option as you see it.
  3. Click on Programs, andyou’ll see a list of programs installed on your computer.
  4. Look for QuickBooks, and when seen, right-click on it.
  5. You’ll see Uninstall/Change option. Click on Uninstall.
  6. You have now started the QuickBooks Uninstall process. Wait till it is over.

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Step 2: Re-Install the QuickBooks Application

  1. Go to the location of the downloaded file of QuickBooks.
  2. Double-click the file with .exe. It is the installer file.
  3. Follow the steps told on your screen.
  4. Click on Finishfor the process to be done.
  5. You have now Re-installed QuickBooks. Restart your system after this process.
  6. Check if QuickBooks is working correctly.

If the issue prevails, try solution 6.

Solution 6: Resolving the Company file issue.

One of the prominent reasons why QuickBooks won’t open is that the company file might be damaged. Follow these steps to resolve the company file issue.

  1. Start the QuickBooks app with the No Company Open window. You’ll need to press and hold on to the ctrl key on the keyboard
  2. Choose Run as Administrator after right-clicking on the QuickBooks icon
    This will open up the No Company Open box.
  3. Release the ctrl key
  4. Click on the desired company file.
  5. After selecting the company file, open it to finish the process

This article has provided different approaches and methods to resolve the ‘QuickBooks won’t open’ issue. We have discussed how to fix faulty QuickBooks Installation, resolve the problem using QuickBooks Tool Hub, rename the QBWUSER.ini. file, etc.

Hopefully, this has resolved your ‘QuickBooks won’t open’ issue. If not, reach out to experts for advanced help on the same by dialing toll-free 1.855.738.2784.

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