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Snapchat Launches New Features to Celebrate the 2022 World Cup

Snapchat Launches New Features to Celebrate the 2022 World Cup
Written by Usdng

Snapchat’s announced a range of new features to help fans engage with the 2022 World Cup, including team-based AR filters, new AR Try-On features, so that you can see what you’d look like in each team’s kit, and live update overlays to keep you informed of the latest.

First up are Snap’s new face-paint inspired team color Lenses, which provide a simple way to show your support in the app.

Snapchat World Cup

Snap says that all of the participating teams will have their own Lenses, enabling all supporters to display their team colors in an interactive and engaging way.

Snap’s also launching a new experience called ‘Live Garment Transfer Lenses’ which will enable you to virtually try on each participating team’s uniform.

Snapchat World Cup

Live Garment Transfer Lenses utilize the latest clothing simulation technology, to provide a more realistic depiction of what each clothing item would look like on you, shifting as you move, and aligning with your body, to give you a much better sense of presence within the experience.

Snap’s also launching a Global Match Data Lens, which will be dynamically updated with live match data visualizations during the tournament.

“The experience includes selfie and world modes for Snapchatters to virtually explore, share, and celebrate notable stats and scores with their friends.”

Snap’s also added new themed clothing options for your Bitmoji characters, as another means to get into the spirit of the tournament.

Snapchat World Cup

There are also new stickers and Filters to adorn your Snaps, while Snapchat will also present a range of highlights within Discover programming, helping to keep users engaged with the latest World Cup content.

Sports has become a key area of growth for Snap, with over 200 million Snapchat users engaging with sports content in the app in 2021. Snap also sees sports as a potential opportunity to boost its connection with older audiences, which is another key way that it can maximize its potential, both in regards to advertiser appeal and general growth.

The World Cup will be a huge event for all platforms, in terms of driving engagement – and as such, you can expect to see a lot more themed tie-in features announced in the lead-up to the event, which begins next week.