Awesome Ways To Promote YouTube Channel Online In 2023

Awesome Ways To Promote YouTube Channel Online In 2023
Written by Usdng

The top YouTube channels provide viewers with interesting stuff. Most of the time, they impart intriguing, enlightening, or instructional knowledge to the audience.

Sure, kitten videos and music videos get their fair share of views, but the majority of individuals who use search engines like YouTube to find material do so in order to learn new things. Knowledge Commerce sales are lost if you aren’t offering the solution.

You already know that a video is a great tool for online classes, but what about using it to expand your audience and increase sales? These 35 YouTube promotion ideas can help with that.

Gaining more followers, views, and money from promote YouTube channel can be accomplished by learning how to market it. Let’s dive into these suggestions to prevent your YouTube channel from becoming obscure.


YouTube SEO: Improve Your YouTube Content’s Search Engine Ranking


You likely think of text content when search engine optimization (SEO) is mentioned. Google, after all, cannot “read” a video.


However, you can be losing out on visitors if you don’t optimise your films for SEO. For instance, YouTube videos frequently appear in search engine results pages (SERPs), indicating that they have some SEO value.


Google search even has a “video” category. But how can you consistently appear for terms associated with your videos?


Identifiers and Synopses


Start by giving your video a title or headline. Make sure to creatively incorporate your goal keyword.


Video titles that ask questions are effective. Use bold statements and lists (if your movie includes a list of advice or instructions). If you can, start the title with the keyword to focus on both grabbing viewers’ attention and performing well in the SERPs.


Both your core keyword and LSI (related) keywords can be used in the description. Give the video some context so that both search engines and viewers will know what to expect from the content.


Transcripts of videos are also useful. They provide users (and search engines) the option to read your video instead of watching and listening by providing a text version of it.


Optimization of keywords


Although we’ve just briefly addressed keywords, bear in mind that not just any keyword relevant to your video will do. Instead, you should concentrate on the terms that your audience is using to find you.


You can locate the ideal keywords for your movies with the use of programmes like Google Search Console and Pay attention to both search volume and search intent.


For instance, you wouldn’t want to optimise a video about how to tie your shoes for a term like “best shoes” People who look for the “best shoes” want to buy shoes; they are not looking for advice. Even though there may be a lot of people searching for that term, it is inappropriate for your video.


Participation Levels


Encourage discussion in your video’s comments section. Respond to any queries or remarks you come across, and be sure to join in on the discussion in the comments sections of other videos. High levels of involvement can improve SEO.


Category Choice


Make sure your YouTube video appears in the appropriate categories. If not, Google (as well as other people) will think it’s about something unrelated to the subject.


Let’s take the example of making a film to teach people how to make crafts. YouTube might automatically place it in the DIY area, but the How-To and Style categories might attract more views (and be more relevant to searches).




Search engines will find your movies easier to find if you tag them correctly. Tags describe the subject of your video to viewers and Google.


Start by inserting tags that are particular to your brand, such the name of your company. Additionally, you can make use of tags that specify the topic (like your name), the information (like “how-to,” “education,” or “fitness”), and the long-tail keywords (like “how to tie your shoes”).

Produce captivating video titles


The first thing users and search engines will see are the video titles. It’s the most crucial component of publishing your videos to YouTube after the actual video material.


The topic of keyword optimization has previously been explored, but what about the rest of the title? You don’t want to just give your video a keyword as a name.


Your videos may be more enticing if they pique viewers’ curiosity. A video might be titled, “How I Prepared for a Marathon in Just 30 Days,” for example. It not only suggests a how-to manual but also piques interest due to the brief time frame.


Select Vivid and Clear YouTube Thumbnails


Another crucial element is the YouTube thumbnail. Because it could not be visually appealing to viewers, you don’t want YouTube to choose a random thumbnail from your video.


Make an effort to be as descriptive as you can with the thumbnail. Try to capture a close-up of your face while you make eye contact with the audience if your video, for example, involves you. Another option is to use a powerful still from an intense action movie.


Improve the Description of Your YouTube Channel


Only using keywords in the video description is not recommended. In actuality, trying to stuff your description full of keywords will only get you banned from the SERPs and possibly subject to punishment from YouTube.


You should strive to make your descriptions compelling instead. Allow them to be watched independently of the video.


Take a moment to reflect on the copywriting you do for your landing pages. Use the same tactics while writing the descriptions for your videos:


Describe the video.

Describe the advantages of the video for the audience.

Ask thought-provoking questions

The text can be broken up with bullet points.


Both users and viewers of your video should convert after watching it, just as you want them to based on the copy on your landing page.


Add contact information


You don’t want YouTube to be your audience’s only point of contact with your Knowledge Commerce company because you don’t own it. You prefer that they get in touch with you in another way.


Conversion rates can be increased and your videos can be more effective by including clickable links to contact you via email, visit your Kajabi website, sign up for your blog, or purchase your online courses.


Both the description and the video itself can contain links. Just be careful not to overuse links in the video. Every link should have a clear purpose, in your opinion.


Use links that are pertinent to the video’s subject matter as well. For instance, if you discuss expanding your knowledge of your industry or expertise, you could include a link to the signup page for your membership site and ask readers to have a look.

Benefit from Email Marketing


Email marketing may be used for more than just promoting your most recent blog posts or offering a discount on your digital goods. You can use it to advertise your YouTube channel to those who are already familiar with your business.


Consider include one of your favourite videos in your upcoming email message. Take a screenshot and link to the video’s YouTube page if you don’t want to embed the entire thing.


Include some context, please. To increase the likelihood that your email subscribers will click on to the video, specifically describe how they will gain from it.


Current Email List


Start with the email list you already have. Consider sending out an update with a link to a new video when you publish one. You might even advertise it as a benefit of subscribing, where subscribers are the first to learn about new content.


Magnetized lead


Don’t undervalue the value of videos as lead magnets. Think about including a link to your email registration page in the video and giving subscribers a free download of a second video.


Before uploading your videos to YouTube, you might potentially utilise them as lead magnets. Those who sign up will be the first to receive them. Additionally, you’ll distribute them to current subscribers, so there’s always a reason to stay subscribed.




Playlists can help you engage your email subscribers, so don’t overlook them. Perhaps you’ve made a number of videos on a specific specialised subject. So that your subscribers can see them all at once, send out a playlist.


Offer exclusive playlists instead as a lead magnet. Of course, you’ll also want to organise your YouTube videos into playlists; however, we’ll cover that in a moment.


Demands for Action


A landing page or sales page should, according to many business owners, always be the destination of their calls to action. There are some inaccuracies in this.


Yes, you should point individuals in the direction of your digital products, but only when they are prepared to do so. You want to direct prospects to resources that establish your reputation if they are still considering your offer.


Use your YouTube videos as your CTA destination link for customers who haven’t yet reached the bottom of the sales funnel and think about segmenting your email list.

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