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7 Best Online Surveys for Money 2024: Can You Make Money Online Surveys?

Written by Ruthie Inezia

Top 7 Online Surveys for Earning Money in 2024

If you’re seeking additional income online, participating in surveys could be a viable option. While it won’t make you wealthy, it has the potential to supplement your earnings with a few extra dollars daily, accumulating approximately $100 per month. Explore the best online survey platforms below, trusted for delivering legitimate survey income.


  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. InboxDollars
  4. KashKick
  5. SurveySavvy
  6. OpinionOutpost


Payout Ranges:

Swagbucks: $0.40 – $2

– Survey Junkie: $1 – $3

– InboxDollars: $0.50 – $5.00


Payment Methods:

Swagbucks: PayPal or gift cards

– Survey Junkie: PayPal, eGift cards, or bank transfer

– InboxDollars: PayPal Cash, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and more


Minimum Cash Out:

Swagbucks: $3 for gift cards; $25 for PayPal

– Survey Junkie: $5 (500 points)

– InboxDollars: $30



– Swagbucks: $10


Discover the Best Online Surveys for Money in 2024

These reputable companies collaborate with various businesses to conduct consumer- and business-focused surveys. Upon entering your demographic details, these platforms match you with opportunities to earn money by providing insights into your shopping habits, household spending, and brand preferences.


Swagbucks: This platform focuses not only on surveys but also on earning through various methods, including shopping partners, watching videos, playing games, and web searches. With a track record of over $550 million in rewards since 2008, Swagbucks offers diverse payout options.

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InboxDollars: A major player in the online survey space, InboxDollars has paid over $80 million since 2000. In addition to surveys, you can earn by playing games, reading emails, and shopping through its portal. Redeem your earnings through PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and more.

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KashKick: A rewards and loyalty platform, KashKick offers payouts starting at $10 for completing tasks, including surveys and trying apps. Payouts are made through PayPal, and you can sign up easily using existing accounts.


SurveyJunkie: One of the largest online survey platforms, SurveyJunkie offers a variety of surveys. Although the earnings per survey may be modest, completing three surveys daily can result in around $40 per month. Redeem points for PayPal payouts, gift cards, or direct bank transfers.

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SurveySavvy: This long-standing survey company not only offers online surveys but also monthly cash rewards through its app, SavvyConnect. While the payouts may not be substantial, SurveySavvy provides additional research opportunities based on your detailed demographic profile.


OpinionOutpost: With claims of paying out $390,000 for over three million surveys per month, OpinionOutpost offers various earning opportunities, including product testing and missions. Redeem points for gift cards from PayPal, Amazon, Target, and more.

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Are Paid Surveys Worth It?

While online surveys won’t make you rich, they can be a fun and easy way to earn a small amount of money in your free time. Utilizing multiple survey platforms, researching before joining, and cashing out regularly can enhance your earnings and safeguard against potential scams.


Best Tips for Taking Online Surveys for Money

  1. Research websites before joining to avoid scams.
  2. Skip low-paying surveys with unfavorable time-to-payout ratios.
  3. Create a dedicated email address or use filters to manage survey site emails.
  4. Use multiple survey platforms to diversify your income.
  5. Cash-out regularly to safeguard your earnings.


Timestamp: Online surveys can be a worthwhile option for earning pocket money. While they won’t build wealth, investing idle time in taking surveys can contribute to a higher bank account balance.



In conclusion, participating in online surveys can serve as a practical way to supplement your income, offering a modest source of additional funds without requiring a significant commitment. While it’s essential to approach these opportunities with realistic expectations—understanding that online surveys won’t make you wealthy—they can certainly provide a valuable option for making a little extra spending money. The carefully curated list of reputable survey platforms mentioned above ensures that you can engage in legitimate opportunities, avoiding the potential pitfalls of fraudulent websites.


Remember to employ the provided tips for maximizing your earnings, such as researching survey websites before joining, skipping low-paying surveys, creating dedicated email accounts, and using multiple platforms to diversify your income streams. Additionally, regularly cashing out your earnings is a prudent practice to safeguard your hard-earned money.


While online surveys may not be a path to wealth creation, they offer a convenient and accessible means to make the most of your idle time, whether you’re watching TV or waiting in a queue. By following these guidelines and exploring multiple trustworthy survey platforms, you can navigate the world of online surveys with confidence, making the most of this supplemental income stream. Ultimately, online surveys can be a rewarding option for those looking to put their spare time to productive use and boost their bank account balances.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What are the best money-making apps for 2024?

The best money-making apps depend on your interests and skills.

– What are the best side hustles?

The best side hustles depend on your abilities and preferences.

– What are the best ways to make money online?

While online surveys offer a small income, serious earners may explore self-employed side hustles or full-time jobs through reputable employers.