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8 Easy Money-Making Ideas for Nigerian Students in 2024

Written by Ruthie Inezia

8 Easy Money-Making Ideas for Nigerian Students in 2024

Ever heard of ‘Sapa’? It’s that tough situation that can mess up your life if you’re not making some cash, be it online or offline. But guess what? The good news is here! Let’s explore eight cool ways for students to make money in Nigeria.

1. Swapping Gift Cards
What’s a gift card? It’s like a digital ticket you can use to buy stuff online or offline. Think Amazon, Apple, eBay gift cards, and more. Get them at low prices, and when the rates go up, sell them back. Check out Cardtonic’s app on Google Play or Apple App Store to get started.

gift cards


2.  Event Planning
Love a good party? Why not make money from it? Become an event planner and get paid for organizing parties, game nights, and award ceremonies. Saturdays are for celebrations, right?

Stages of Event planing


3.  Start an E-commerce Business
Sell unique products through Instagram or your own website. Build a brand people trust, and watch the money roll in. It’s a popular gig in Nigerian universities, and you can do it too.

8 ways to make money in nigeria

4.  Tutoring
If you’re a genius, share your knowledge. Teach your classmates, offer private lessons to high school students, and even help with exams like WAEC or NECO. Charge a good amount for your valuable help.

5. Blogging
Beat ‘Sapa’ by starting a blog. Begin with social media like Instagram and Twitter, then refer your followers to your website. Make money through ads and affiliate marketing. It’s a smart way to cash in.

6.  Lifestyle Vlogging
Share your daily life, hacks, and tricks on TikTok. Build a loyal following and start running ads for companies/brands. That’s how you turn your content into cash.

7.  Trading Cryptocurrency
Feeling adventurous? Try crypto trading. Buy low, sell high—Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, you name it. Platforms like Breet can help you sell your crypto without getting scammed.

8. Dropshipping:
Dropshipping is like having a store without stocking products. Here’s how it works: You pick cool stuff to sell, but you don’t buy them upfront. When someone buys from your online shop, you purchase the product from a supplier, who ships it directly to the buyer. No inventory, no packing – just profits. It’s an easy way to start a business without lots of upfront costs!



Benefits of Making Money in School:
1. Financial Freedom: Money brings peace of mind.
2. Sense of Responsibility:  Earn your own money and learn its value.
3. Increase Your Income: No more relying solely on parental allowances.
4. Finding Your Purpose: Discover there’s more to life than your college courses.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How to Make Money on Cardtonic?
Buy or sell gift cards and even refer friends for extra rewards.

2. Skills Needed to Make Money in Nigeria?
Writing, marketing, graphic design—depends on the online job you pursue.

3. Can I Make Money Without Capital?
Absolutely! Try affiliate marketing, blogging, or freelance writing.

4. How to Make Money Online in 2024?
Options include tutoring, blogging, gift card swapping, freelance writing, and social media management.

5. Can I Make Money Online as a Student in Nigeria?
Yes! Apply for online jobs while you’re still in school.

Don’t let ‘Sapa’ ruin your vibe. This article is your starting point to break free. Find what you love, turn it into your hustle, and show ‘Sapa’ who’s boss. The courage and freedom that come with making money are waiting for you. Start your hustle journey today and kick ‘Sapa’ to the curb!”

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