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The different niches where to invest and how: stock market, art, real estate

Written by Usdng

For two years, the economy struggled to survive in the face of the virus. Although the health crisis continues, we can already note that the world has not collapsed. As in any period of profound change, certain parts of the economy have been violently impacted, while others have asserted their power, even their hegemony. In this context, what are the different niches in which to invest peacefully? And above all, how to go about it? Answers.

What are the best niches to invest in?

Investment has always been a central issue for businesses and individuals alike. There are many reasons to invest in order to build up a wealth to pass on, to diversify its sources of income, to consider and anticipate retirement. Just like the available niches. Among them, banking products are no longer popular because their rates are far too low. What then remains for those looking for niches in which to invest serenely?

The stock market is fundamentally a game. Sometimes you win big, but more often you lose little by little. Too risky for some, too unpredictable for others, the stock market is not the favorite hunting ground for seasoned investors. Art is more attractive, but you need skills, resources, and relationships to penetrate the market. Then there is real estate, which is still as secure as ever. More specifically, let’s talk about the reasons that are pushing more and more French people to invest in medicine.

Is investing in health a good idea?

The health sector is growing all over Western countries. This is of course explained by the aging of the population, which continues to accelerate. In France, health needs are enormous and the trend is not about to be reversed. INSEE estimates that in 2050, no less than 20 million people will be over 65. The development of the sector and the necessary infrastructure are therefore political priorities.

It is enough to walk in the countryside to see how the number of medical homes is increasing everywhere on the territory. And to support construction, some investors have chosen to invest in health and focus their efforts on performance REITs specializing in this sector. Thus, not only is the investment safe because it is predictable but it is also tinged with a form of humanity and the satisfaction of taking part in a project necessary for the well-being of our seniors. Among the niches in which to invest, the medical sector, therefore, seems to have a bright future.

Advantages of the SCPI

Civil Real Estate Placement Companies are expanding rapidly. This is explained both by the safety of the investment in stone and by the ease of the investment. Indeed, as you will be able to see by browsing the pages of, this type of civil society does not require any skills or legal knowledge, it is enough to buy shares and let yourself be guided by the management company.

It is not for nothing if the model of the SCPI has declined in multiple forms. There are so-called performance SCPIs, which offer to rent real estate to companies or others whose purpose is rather to optimize the taxation of the company and therefore to benefit the partners by the purchase of buildings new or old. The SCPI is therefore one of the niches where to invest absolutely to take advantage of the good health of the real estate market!